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The Fate of a Ressurection

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The Fate of a Ressurection

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:46 pm

Splinter opened his eyes inside the fountain in the Blue Nexus, the last thing he could remember was feeling something hitting his back and then black.  But he also hadn't forgotten what he'd gone through to come back into this world, and he hadn't forgot who or what had forced him to go through that.  He'd make them all pay...

"Hey, have you heard?"
"There's someone that's appeared recently taking out dark team members, all you have to do is leave a note at the first turret to the left, and he'll take care of it.  He doesn't even ask for a fee!"
"That's awesome, I can finally get this guy back for what he did.  I wonder who this person is."

Poison listened to all of this from the shadows from a nearby alley, he and the rest of Darkest Hour had been searching for weeks as to the location of Splinter.  After coming back he'd immediately gone to the fountain when he wasn't in the team house, expecting to find him there confused or just lost in thought.  He'd found no one, and after that he had begun to worry.

Despite all of their efforts the team had been unable to locate him for weeks, even with them spreading out into the forest outsie the Nexus, not without considerable risk to being ganked by dark team members.  They had not been able to locate him, so Poison had decided to start listening to the local gossip.  A lot had changed since that day, and he wanted to see if he could locate him through rumours.

Now he just might have.

He went to the turret, intending to leave his own note if there was none there.  Unsurprisingly there was quite a few notes sitting at the base, this made his job that much easier.  Now all he had to do was stake out the location and wait until this person appeared, from there he felt confident he could identify whether or not Splinter was the assassin running around slaying dark team members.

He'd been sitting there until around 5am, getting increasingly tired as he wanted for someone to appear.  When just as he was about to nod off someone appeared, and while the character was undoubtedly a Yasuo, that was the similiarities seemed to end.  This Yasuo was wearing a hood, with a black cloak that extended all the way down his right arm, but left the left arm completely exposed from the top of his shoulder down.  It ended with black pants and black boots.  However there was one similiarity that caused him to reveal himself, he was dual-wielding.

He jumped down behind the figure, wary but with his weapon still sheathed.  "Splinter?"  Came his questioning call.
The figure stopped.  "What do you want, Poison?"
Poison instantly went on edge at the tone of voice, while he was happy he'd found him.  He had no clue what to expect now.  "We've been searching for you for weeks man, why didn't you come back?"
"I have my reasons."
"Will you come back now?  Everyone has been wondering about you."
"No, I will not."

Poison stared at his back in shock, then anger.  "Does all the time you put into this with us mean so little to you?!  Does the friendships you so treasured mean nothing now?!  Why won't you even turn to face me?!"  At this he grabbed Splinter's shoulder roughly, spinning him around.  He stared wide-eyed at what he saw.

There was a scar that cut straight across Splinter's left eye, a eye that now glowed red where the pupil should've been.  It flared now as though Splinter was getting angry himself.  "Because I will stop at nothing till they pay!  They've sent countless people to experience what I did!  I will stop at nothing till every last one of them has experience it a hundred times over!  DO YOU HEAR ME?!  NOTHING!"

Poison could only stare as Splinter went on.  "You have no idea what it was like, sitting in the black waiting.  You have no clue what it felt like to have the thing you gave up taken away from you.  I used to think little of dying in this game, now I understand the looks in some of these players eyes.  I will crush every dark team member until nothing remains of them.  They will understand what they have forced so many players to experience, sometimes multiple times over!"

This was not the same Splinter who'd died, Poison recognized nothing of the friend he'd once had.  Finally he spoke.   "Splinter, what did you give up to come back?"  He asked.

"My kindness, I learned you didn't have to give up memories if you gave up a trait in you instead."  Came the reply he dreaded.

"Then you really aren't the same person."

All Splinter did was stand there, looking at him.

"Will you come back?"

Splinter shrugged.   "At some point maybe, I'll be completing this first though."  He said as he turned and picked up the notes.  He then turned towards the rooftops.  "Farewell, Poison."  And he was gone.

All Poison could do was stare after the spot he'd last seen his friend, and wonder if he'd ever see that friend again.
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