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Making a Statement

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Making a Statement

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:51 pm

While the first day of the Rift Games had been all about the under dogs, with the fear inspiring performance by Splinter versus Heller, in what turned out to be a mirror match up in terms of the champion they were.  The second day was not too be the same show, once again the arena filled up with people.  Coming from everywhere just to see who would make a upset this time around, or if the kings would reign supreme once more.

"Welcome one and all once again!"  Rang the voice of the announcer.  "While yesterday we focused on the one on one strength of our champions here, today will be a different story.  We will be doing a three versus three style game today, the first match ups will appear shortly so please watch for them!"

The first match up featured Darkest Hour versus United Fire, United Fire was a team that was formed right before the Rift Games had been announced.  Despite the fact they had climbed the ladder after their forming, and had managed to break into the top thirty in the red nexus rankings.  They were still expected to do little to nothing in this event, but after a impressive first day, with a upset versus their opponents.  They had garnered some support today.

"I think we'll be taking the approach iG did yesterday."  Said Poison.   "I'll be going out with Wicked, and Lethe.  It's time we put our stamp on these Games."

Both nodded.

"Without further ado the first match up shall begin!"  Came the announcer's voice once more.  "Ladies and gentleman, Darkest Hour versus United Fire!"

A cheer went up from the crowd as both teams walked out into the arena.  Poison heard some of the comments closest to them.

"You see that Twitch?"  Said someone to his friend.

  Came the reply.

"It's said no one can touch him, that once he goes invisible your doom is inevitable.  He's said to be called Arrow, and from what I've heard he won't lose this year."

The more Poison listened, the more agitated he became.  Did it really only take a good showing by a former Darkest Hour player for people to lose so much faith in them?  He was going to show these people why Darkest Hour had remained the top team in the blue nexus even after the core four had been broken.

When he and the other had lined up on one side of the arena, all of the sudden he heard sniggering right to his right.  Out of nowhere a Twitch appeared, but instead of being hunched over he stood on two legs, and his armor was decidedly that, armor, not the rags Twitch wore in the game.  He also had a bow and arrow in place of the crossbow Twitch normally used.

"That's just how fast you'll be going out this game, say your prayers now.  Because I intend to finally give you your first death this match."

Outwardly Poison didn't seem to change, he just stood there calmly.  Or so it seemed.  To both Wicked and Lethe they knew that Arrow had just signed his trip to the fountain, while no outsider would notice.  They knew Poison was now a ticking time bomb, and that he was twice the player he was while calm.

Up in the stands Splinter noticed too, after all his time with the team and Poison he couldn't help but noticed when he snapped.  This brought a smile to the former members face.  Maybe this will be worth watching.  He thought.

With the display over, sides were taken.  The announcer once more blared out over the arena.

"Just like yesterday, anything goes!  All you have to do is eliminate your opposition to win the match!  Good luck!"

Poison merely looked across the arena, at least that's how it looked to everyone that was watching him.  Even Arrow did not notice just how closely he was being watched, a self confident smirk on his face as the countdown wound down for the start of the match.


The low boom of the drum sounded, and instantly Arrow slipped into the shadows as he disappeared.  His teammates, a Twisted Fate and Talon respectively.  Instantly rushed forward, trying to grab the attention of their opponents.  Wicked and Lethe responded instantly, giving them the illusion that this had worked, trusting everything to Poison as they put themselves in a very precarious position.

Splinter watched Poison as the drum sounded, and instantly he knew how this was going to play out.  He almost didn't even have to watch as he watched Poison take one step forward and send out a Q, not at the two players expected.  But seemingly towards a wall, he watched with a grin as he saw Arrow get revealed, a look of shock and horror on his face.  Poison instantly dashed to him, using his ability to disrupt the ground and knock Arrow off his feet.  From there he simply stood up and with one swift motion of his wrist, cleanly sent Arrow's head flying across the arena.

The crowd stood dumbfounded, it had all happened in a matter of seconds and some still couldn't believe it.

Arrow's teammates too, could not believe what they had just seen.  But almost instantly knelt in surrender when they finally realized Arrow was dead.

The crowd let up a loud cheer as the match ended.

"A decimating victory by Darkest Hour and Poison!"  The announcer shouted.  "This puts them securely in first, for the first time no ties are to be had for the top position!"

Poison merely sheathed his blade and walked towards their stall, Wicked and Lethe following him.

"Worthless fans."  He muttered.

Splinter's eye seemed to gleam as he watched Poison's retreating back, this was going to be everything he'd hoped for.
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