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The Finale Pt. 1

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The Finale Pt. 1

Post by {STR}pride on Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:31 am

Phalanx was getting tired of being in situations where his skin crawled.

The final round of the Rift Games had just begun, and already he felt like he was in a situation where he was going to be removed before it had even begun. It didn't help that the massive city this last round was talking place in made for all sorts of hiding places, alleys that cast shadows, roofs that cast shadows, doorways and windows, the list never ended of places to hide. But that wasn't what really got to him, after all he thrived in these scenarios, he had to so he could survive in his line of work.

No. What had gotten to him was looking up to see Splinter staring at him as the event had begun, his red eye gleaming dangerously.

Phalanx shrugged. There was nothing he could do about it, and this time he did have a ace up his sleeve. He and his two bodyguards kept walking.

The had walked quite a distance without hearing or seeing anyone or anything, it wasn't what Phalanx had expected given the nature of the event. He'd expected it to be a massive brawl, with little to no chance to really size up targets. But so far it seemed as though this wasn't to be the case. He wondered if the city was simply too big, but in the end it would've been a stroke of luck for him if that was the case.

That's when he noticed that even the wind seemed to have stopped.

Without warning suddenly he felt a rush of wind from above, as though something or someone was dropping from over head. "LOOK OUT!" Came the voice of one his bodyguards just as he looked up, blade ready. His blade came in contact with the familiar blade of a Phantom Dancer, just as a figure clad in black landed in front of him, a red eye staring out at him from under his hood. "Boo." Said Splinter. Phalanx withdrew a short distance.

Phalanx couldn't help but chuckle. Pride eyed him curiously.

"You made your plan all to obvious from the beginning, who else would you target but me? You've seemed to make it your mission to attack me since that day, and now I have the resources to combat you. I came prepared this time." With this he motioned his two bodyguards forward, stepping behind them.

Splinter shrugged. "It makes no difference to me in what order I kill you, the result will be the same." Still though. He thought. Phalanx had to have thought of something for him to be so confident in the two players standing in front of me. Pride dropped into a stance. "Lets begin shall we?" He motioned them forward with two fingers.

The right one moved almost instantly towards Splinter, while the other seemed to react more calmly to the obvious taunt. Almost instantly Pride saw the flash of a blade as the other charged directly at him with inhumanly speed. Pride quickly drew one of his blades and met his attacker head on as his blocked it, he then changed paces jumping back against the wall of one of the buildings behind him. Then using the wind and his dash he seemed to disappear from sight as he instantly appeared in front of his opponent, slicing at his neck as he did. His eye gleamed slightly as a metallic clash echoed and he jumped back.

"Heh, you're pretty good. But you're still out of my league."
He said then pressed the attack, raining blows on his opponent who he belatedly realized was a Fiora.

He grinned. So that's who this is. He thought. And if this is who I am fighting, then that quite possibly means... He glanced over at the other bodyguard. But almost instantly regretted it as the Fiora instantly struck back, another clash rang out and they spread apart again. But this time something dropped from the Fiora's neck and hit the ground.

Pride laughed. "To think I nearly lost right there to someone of your rank, that's pretty poor play on my part." He said as he stared at the golden insignia lying on the ground. "I think it's time you understood your place." And he dashed once more at the Fiora, intending to end this. But as he swung down a blade blocked the attack, but instead of the Fiora's blade, it was that of a Diana. The Diana quickly spun his blade and kicked Splinter in the chest, sending him flying backward.

Pride coughed, but he was grinning. "Found you..." He yanked his own insignia off his neck, showing it to his opponent.

His opponent dropped his stance as well, yanking his own off and holding it out for all to see. Instantly it was put on every screen for all to see, including all participants.

The announcer's voice rang. "Ladies and gentleman we interrupt the current event to highlight the duel that is about to take place! Everyone is required to watch till the outcome as this match up is one of the most highly anticipated! For it come about so quickly was entirely unexpected..."

Pride's insignia dangled from his hands, it was that of a Challenger. The highest possible division to be in, and the number on it was one, the highest possible rank to obtain within that division.

His opponents to dangled, like him it was that of a Challenger. But what caught everyone's attention, was that the number on his was one as well. That and, the name that was imprinted on it.

Pride's eye seemed to be on fire. "I've been waiting for this..."

Poison stood opposite him, calm as ever. Finally, he had a chance to bring back his friend.

"You thought you had me?  It's not that easy."
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