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A End to the Four

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A End to the Four

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:46 pm

In the end Red told them a lot of what they already knew, he'd told them that the dark teams had been establishing hideouts outside the nexus walls on both sides for months now.  But he also informed them of some of the locations, they also learned that within the dark teams there was rankings of their own.  Which lead to multiple rivalries among the teams, Red was apart of one of the highest dark teams in existence.  Blades of Red.

Blades of Red was the largest dark team that existed right now, and had most of the valuable assassins that would carry out jobs without any mercy.  Players from both blue and red nexus's existed together within these, but with the fact that the teams had hideouts outside the nexus's also meant that killing within the teams went without punishment.  It was not uncommon for a lower ranking member to back stab a higher up to work his way up the ladder, for this reason it left the teams unstable in terms of larger battles.  However it made them extremely effective in chaotic, spread out battlefields.

While Darkest Hour and it's leader had been so absorbed in finding out what they could on the dark teams, a group of their members returned after being sent out on a mission to find out what they could of the area surrounding the forest that bordered the nexus's and summoner's rift.  What they had been able to find didn't reveal a lot compared to what they had already known.  However something interesting had been discovered.

"It would seem as though the dragon that we have here in Summoner's Rift isn't the only one, while we were out on the left hand side of the forest one day we came across a pit similiar to the one the dragon lives in here.  But this one was far bigger and dotted with multiple caves, when we moved to inspect it closer we found eggs littering the ground.  We chose to back off at that point, but I think it's safe to say there is a dragon's nest out there."  Reported Wicked.

"Interesting..." Said Splinter, now out of his armor.  "What do you make of it Poison?"

Poison shrugged.  "Who knows, while it's possible it could be a actual nest.  It could also just be something put in the game for scenery.  We know very little about this game now that we've been put in it, it seems."

"We've also seen nothing of the Crystal Scar or Twisted Treeline since we came here, which I doubt would've been removed." Said LAK.

"All of that can wait, I'm much more interested in punching in some dark teams faces in right now."  Dumpster smashed one fist into another hand.

Splinter shook his head.  "Well you heard the man, we were originally planning a attack on Blades of Red.  Lets return to that."

Finally it was decided to split the team into two groups, one named Fire, the other Ice.  While they didn't want to give the dark teams the advantage, approaching in one solid unit usually just led to them scattering, only to regroup later.  Darkest Hour wanted to prevent that, they also chose to attack under the cover of night, hoping to add enough chaos to give the dark team the idea they had the upper hand.  But not enough to lose the battle.

When they had reached the point that the two teams were to split.  Poison called a halt and turned to face the team he'd built with his friends.

"Make no mistake, we're hear to kill players in this game.  That means you will be murdering people and taking some of their memories away that they had of their life before.  But remember that when it comes right down to it they'd do the same to you, with that in mind I think the chosen path is clear here.  We want to eliminate this team, so they stop killing others inside the nexus's.  They're supposed to a place of safety, not a place of fear."

A resounding cheer was heard from the gathered members as they prepared for the battle ahead.  Poison looked to the two leaders of Ice.

"Lethe, Wicked.  You guys will be leading your comrades in arms into battle against other players, see to it that all of you come back alive."

"Pfft, easy sauce."  Came Lethe's typical sarcastic reply.  Poison could tell they were both serious though.

"Alright then, lets move out.  We split up here."

Ice consisted of the most junior members of Darkest Hour for the most part, however some individuals like Lethe and Wicked Bullet were considered to be one of the best at their respective roles.  And with what they knew of Blades of Red, Poison and LAK had both decided it should be enough and a good chance for some of lower members to gain some much needed combat experience.  However none of them were prepared for what waited for them.

Fire walked around the bend to find the hideout in front of them, looking nearly completely deserted.  Almost at the same time Ice came into view, their guard up as they entered the clearing only to find the other team waiting for them.

Splinter's eyes were searching the area around them.  "It's too quiet."  He remarked.

"I agree."  Said Poison.  "This was too easy, they could've scattered.  But both of the forces we'd sent were small enough that the supposed ensuing chaos should've been enough to take the other team out.  So why would they run?"

At the moment a arrow hit one of the lower ranked members right in the chest, instantly killing him.  Most likely because of a level desparity.  Gasps were heard as he fell, and Splinter doubled his efforts in his search, that's when he saw that the "leaves" in the trees weren't moving with the wind.

"ABOVE US!"  Splinter shouted just as all the trees seemed to come to life.  Champion after champion appearing and diving into the Darkest Hour team.

Impossible!  Thought Poison even as he crossed blades with another Diana.   They knew?!

The ensuing chaos was more than enough to give the dark team the advantage, originally outnumbered by Darkest Hour though only barely.  The confusion more than made up for that, as member after member of Darkest Hour fell while dark team members still stood on their feet.  Even as Splinter cut down member after member, he'd watch two more fall for every one he slew.  He knew something had to be done and quickly, that's when he Lethe on the ground with three attackers above him.  Ready to finish him off.

NO!  I refuse to let anyone else die!  Splinter dashed towards Lethe, at the same time he sent a tornado at the three attackers knocking them all up.  "Last Breath!"  He attacked all of them at the same time from seemingly multiple directions, managing to kill all three and save Lethe in the process.  But even as he landed he saw more of his team members fall, even the other leaders were having a tough time of it.  Splinter's own breathing was ragged, he knew they were slowly losing this battle.  But they couldn't retreat, the dark team would just hunt them down one by one.  It had to end here.  He had to use it.

Splinter communicated with the other four leaders.  "Keep them distracted for a minute, I might be able to pull this off if they don't pay attention to me."

While none of them knew what he was talking about, they trusted him and so they did everything they could to keep their attention while Splinter prepared himself.  He'd never used this part of the summoner ability before, and he didn't know what would happen.  But they had little choice.  "I'm ready!"  He shouted even as he jumped up into the air, shrouded in armor once more.  When he spoke it seemed as if the whole world could hear it.

"I am the flesh and bone of my own sword..."
"Steel flows through my body, and fire courses through my blood!"
"I have created over a thousand blades..."

At this point all of them noticed the amount of blades appearing in the air behind him, numbers in which he'd never called before.

"Unknown to death, nor known to life..."
"Many times, I have withstood enormous pain to create thousands of weapons."
"And yet, those hands that have created so much will never hold anything."
"So, as I pray now, I call forth Unlimited Blade Works!"

The amount of blades that rained down couldn't possibly have been numbered, Darkest Hour watched in shock as dark team member after member fell beneath the rain of blades.  Finally the assault ended, leaving no one standing in the clearing save Darkest Hour members who weren't even touched.

Splinter landed.  "Like I've told everyone I've met."  He told the clearing.  "You threaten my team and my friends, and there is nothing that will stop me from defeating you."

However it was clear he was exhausted, he could barely stand.  At this moment a shruikan struck him in the back, Poison's eyes widened as he watched Splinter fall face first.  He ran over to Splinter, picking him up as the armor disappeared.

"Well shit."  Said Splinter, who was breathing heavily.  "It appears we won't be the unkillable four anymore...  I wonder what memories I'm going to lose..."

"Don't say that."  Said Poison. "You'll pull through this, you don't have to lose any memories."

Splinter chuckled weakly.  "If only that were true."

Poison watched as Splinter disappeared into little sparkles of light right in front of him, he could do nothing but stare at his hands for a moment.

"Well for all his talk, I still killed him.  It would seem my contract was fufilled after all."  Came the voice of Red.

Poison stood up, LAK and Dumpster who'd been watching could already tell what was going on.  Well if Red had stood a chance before, he doesn't now.  No one can beat Poison when he's angry.  Thought LAK.

Poison turned to Red, beginning to walk to him.  "You dare think you're above him?  After you sat on the side lines this whole time, just waiting for the moment he'd be weak?  You're a coward.  And cowards deserve to die."

Red chuckled.  "It seems I've hit a string.  But you can't defeat me, I'm not only a member of this team.  I'm it's leader, I don't fail.  My name also isn't Red, it's a alias I use to keep myself undercover.  My true name is Phalanx."

While the other two leaders eyes widened.  Poison did nothing but keep walking forward.  "Then you deserve to die all the more, especially since he considered you a friend in the life we'd had before."

Phalanx seemed to be getting nervous, nevertheless he didn't back down.  And the duel began.

Poison instantly hit with arc of moonlight, dashing at his target with no cooldown.  So even when Phalanx used a living shadow to move away he found Poison right back on top of him.  Along with the shadow he'd created attacking him as well.  "Did you forget I control the very shadow you cast?!"  Shouted Poison.

Phalanx jumped away, but not without receiving a severe cut to his left side near his ribs.  Left with no other option he chose to use everything he had now, in hopes of killing Poison here.  Because he knew that if he didn't he'd lost the battle.

"Die in darkness!"

Once again a Zed ultimate was witnessed, however this time where they had been some effect.  The attacks seemed to have no effect on Poison.  Who did nothing but watch until the death mark exploded above him.  Then he charged once more, and then used the ultimate part of his summoner ability, granted to him by the mastery tree implemented into the game.  Phalanx watched in shock as his on blood turned sharp and began to cut him.

"What is this?!"  Phalanx screamed.

"You killed one of the leaders of Darkest Hour, a player who'd given his all to save everyone he could.  Who'd put his heart and soul into protecting his teammates, he never put anyone else in front of him.  You killed Splinter.  But not only did you kill a leader, you killed a dear friend.  And for that there is no punishment that can ever save you from my wrath!"

Phalanx collapsed, dying even as he hit the ground.  Poison stood above him, his blade already sheathed.  The other members looked on with wide eyes, wondering what he'd do next.

Poison turned to face them, seemingly looking normal again.

"We've won today, we've managed to completely wipe out a dark team.  But not just any dark team, we took out Blades of Red.  Widely regarded as the top dark team in existence.  You all should be proud, and I know you gave it your all.  Now lets head back to the team hall, take of our wounded, and celeberate!"

The team cheered, however even as they began walking back Poison stayed behind.  Returning the spot Splinter had died at.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough."
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