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Post by {STR}pride on Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:38 am

Summoner ID: its pride
Roles: ADC, Top
Main Champs: Draven, Ezreal, Lucian, Gnar, Nidalee
Teams: Dark, Light

Summoner ID: Its Neo
Roles: All
Main Champs: Shyvana, Corki, Thresh, Nasus
Teams: Dark, Light

Summoner ID: Valoo
Role: Jungle
Main Champs: Nidalee, Sejunai, Lee Sin, Rengar, Gragas, Nautilus, Elise
Team: Dark

Summoner ID: Ghosstly
Role: Mid, Top
Main Champs: Leblanc, Swain, Nidalee, Casseiopea, Cho'Gath
Teams: Dark, Light

Summoner ID: Alphared
Roles: ADC, Top, Support
Main Champs: Lucian, Thresh, Shyvana, Caitlyn
Teams: Dark, Light

Summoner ID: DankDragon
Roles: Support, Top
Main Champs: Leona, Sona, Gragas
Team: Dark

Summoner ID: Crossfiya
Role: Top
Main Champs: Nasus, Maokai, Renekton, Shyvana
Team: Dark

Summoner ID: Wicked Bvllet
Role: Mid
Main Champs: Azir, Zed, Orianna, Leblanc
Team: Dark

Summoner ID: Alakzar
Role: Support, Jungler
Main Champs: Leona, Janna, Sona, Amumu
Team: Light

Summoner ID: LovelyStarHeart
Role: Support
Main Champs: Sona, Lux
Team: Light

Summoner ID: Digbickdad
Role: ADC
Main Champs: Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal
Team: Light

Summoner ID: 5WR Killjoy
Roles: Mid, ADC
Main Champs: Ekko, Vayne, Swain, Cassiopea
Team: Dark

Summoner ID: EotHBoba
Roles: Jungle, Support
Main Champs: Volibear, Hecarim, Maokai, Udyr, VI, Blitzcrank, Taric, Thresh.
Team: Light
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