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Dark Teams

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Dark Teams

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:45 pm

It had been three months since everyone had woken up in the world known as League of Legends, three months exactly...

Yet Splinter could still recall everything clearly.

A lot had changed since the day he, Lethe, and Poison had created Darkest Hour on the outskirts of the blue nexus.  They had discovered that the Nexus's were both vastly different than they had been in the game, while in the game they had been small in comparison to the map Summoners Rift, these were large sprawling cities, completing in a full circle with a line of turrets at six different points in the city to keep order.  Each turret covered two spaces of the city so they overlapped, insuring no one got away with illegal activity.

This mostly consisted of player killing, while nothing could be done outside the Nexus's, where it didn't matter which Nexus you belonged to, you were fair game.  Inside was a different story, if you belonged to the same Nexus player killing was forbidden.  The turrets enforced this, only becoming active is they sensed hostile intent, and they never missed their targets.  It was a good way to keep people in line, however opposite Nexus players could still player kill if they wished.  This made assassinations popular, especially with the ranked system.

The ranked system still existed, though the solo aspect had changed.  Instead of joining a random team of five with you as one of them, now it consisted of dueling other opponents, those opponents decided by the amount of league points you had.  Thus it had fallen of slightly, with the team aspect being more popular.  Each side had it's own star teams that were displayed at the center above their Nexus, it was the top five of that Nexus.  However there was still competition and rivalries as to who was the best team in the game.

Darkest Hour had quickly risen up the ranks after it's creation, until finally hitting the top one day.  Since then they haven't relequinshed their hold on the top spot of the blue Nexus's ranked teams, and was widely regarded as the best.  The leaders consisted of Splinter, Poison, LAK, and Dumpster.  The two Officers were Lethe and Wicked Bullet.  The also had a assortment of members along with them, most notably were players like Walrus, AlphaRed, Ghost, Stern, and DrkDragon.

The four leaders also had gained quite the reputation, they were known as the Unkillable Four.  For they were the only four players left in the game to have not died yet, very early in the game it had been discovered that if you died you lost apart of your memories upon ressurection at the fountain in your respective Nexus.  These memories were more often than not targetted at the memories you had from the real world, while you wouldn't lose a lot.  It was still noticeable.

Despite all of this fame to Darkest Hour's name, they were the smallest team in the game, with under fourty members to their name.  Every other team in the game had at least fifty, it put them at a distinct disadvantage when it came to numbers.  And with the fame came being targets for assassinations, so when they fought they had to pick these fights carefully.  Otherwise they'd be overwhelmed by the numbers of the opponents they faced.

It was one night in particular that Splinter remembered vividly, it was shortly after Darkest Hour had established it's foothold as the top team in the blue Nexus, and right after the four leaders had stabilized.  They'd discovered that Splinter was targetted by a particular assassin that had a impressive track record, up to this point he hadn't failed to take his target out once.  And had yet to die in the game, they only knew he was called Red, and that he embodied Zed as a champion.

Given what they were able to find out about him they knew he'd attack at night as Splinter left the team hall to head to his house, so they set up a eleborate plan to lure him out and figure out what they could.  They knew that teams existed in the game solely for player killing, and that they were far deadlier than even some of the top teams.  So they intended to learn as much as they could before this guy died.

Splinter walked out and started heading home, Red who was supposedly undetected sat in the shadows of the halls roof right above him, as Zed it was simple for him to use the shadows to keep him concealed as he followed his prey.  While he knew the player didn't die permanently, he still found joy in this, and he knew he'd lose a part of his memories as well.  Red planned to attack him right outside his home, that way he'd be the furthest away from his team should he survive the intial attack.

Splinter stopped at his door and reach in his pocket for his keys, it was then he sensed the attack.  Quickly back flipping to the nearest roof, he looked up to find Red inches from him, staring into his eyes with glowing red ones as he brought his left blade down towards his neck.  Splinter quickly dashed to the right and deflected the attack with one his blades, he then got up quickly, Red stood up as well, sizing up his prey and how he'd stand up to him.  It was then to his surprise that Splinter turned and started running, dropping into the alley to the left as he did so.

"You can run but you can't hide." Red said as he dropped down and chased after him, using the shadows to gain even more speed.  He'd extensively studied this area before attacking Splinter, and he knew that even though he couldn't catch the Yasuo in front of him, he was still chasing him to a dead end.  This gave him a slight jolt of worry, but it was entirely possible that Splinter wasn't all he was cracked up to be, and he out of fear had forgotten what he was running towards.

Red rounded the corner just in time to see Splinter disappear into the shed that backed into a wall, marking the end of his chase.  He walked towards the shed, seeing no need to run given his prey couldn't get away from him without him noticing, not with his Summoner Ability.  He reached the doorway and peered inside, he instantly picked out a figure, but that figure wasn't Splinter.  "I recognize you, you must Poison, one of the other leaders of Darkest Hour.  While I admire the fact you responded so quickly, surely you can't possibly think two of you is enough to beat me.  I'll take out my target all the same." Red said.

Poison said nothing, just stood there as another figure appeared to Red's left, at first he figured Splinter had finally stopped hiding.  But instead it was someone who obviously embodied Jarvan IV, with his massive pole-arm.  He recognized another of the leaders named LAK.  For the first time, Red felt fear and wondered what exactly he'd gotten himself into.  Just then a voice next to his left ear said "Boo."  as simultaneously the wall to his left exploded.  He jumped away looking to his left to find Splinter standing there in front of a dust cloud, and as the dust cloud cleared he saw someone wielding huge gauntlets, someone who embodied Vi.  That must be Dumpster.  He thought.

"Now then."  Splinter said.  "Since we've all gathered we'll get straight to the point, you were lured here.  We want information on you and the dark teams as they've been labeled for their activities, you can either gives us that information willingly or we'll take it by force.  That choice will be up to you in the end."

Red smirked behind his mask.  "You can't kill me, if you do you'll lose that power since I will revive at the red fountain inside the nexus.  And since you've taken the liberty to gather all of your friends here, it does nothing to me but prove you don't have the ability to fight me, what a coward."

Splinter's eyes flashed dangerously.

"That was a mistake." Said Poison.

Splinter pointed his left blade at Red. "I don't need any of their help to take you down, do you really think I'm that pathetic?  Calling me a coward?  You should look at yourself, you find joy out of killing people in a game, despite the fact you cost them memories of the real world!  And now you're threatening me and my comrades, that was a big mistake on your part pal."

"Fine then, face me and lets see if you truly are as strong as they say."  Red said as he dropped into a fighting stance.

Splinter stood straight up, and shouted "Incursio!" his body began to glow.  And a massive suit armor appeared behind him, it began to meld over his body, covering him completely until now Splinter stood staring at Red with two glowing yellow eyes from behind a helmet.  Also instead of wielding two blades, he now had a two handed sword equipped.  Which he pointed at Red.

"What the hell is that?!" Red shouted.

"Come on, surely you know by now that another tree had been added to the masteries built into this game.  Summoner Ability has a tree all to its own that allows you to amplify it, and if you fill it out to the bottom, add something to it.  The addition to Unlimited Blade Works is this suit of armor, Incursio.  It massively increases my speed, force, and power.  However I'm not invincible."  Splinter replied.

"I'll take you down all the same!" Red replied.

"I'd like to see you try."

The two opponents sized each other up for a moment, then Red dashed into the air using the shadows.  Splinter jumped following him, and their blades crossed for the first time.  Red was quick, very quick, but he still found himself incapable of breaking through Splinter's guard as they exchanged blows.  Even as Splinter blocked his overheard attack with his blade, he still managed to bring it down in time to stop the thrust at his abdomen.  At a loss for what else to do, Red decided he'd use Death Mark.  He was out of options...

"Die in darkness!"

Red disappeared briefly, but when he appeared there appeared to be two of him in the forms of shadows plus him, and they all surrounded Splinter.  They struck time after time as a red Mark appeared over his head, finally detonating after about eight seconds.  Splinter dropped to his knees as Red pointed his right blade at him.  "It was foolish to believe some show of armor could stop me from accomplishing my mission."  He said.

Splinter laughed.  Red gasped in shock.

"You threatened me, and in doing so threatened the team we've built.  That was your first and last mistake, there is nothing I will stop at to protect the ones I care about.  Do you hear me?  Nothing!"

Red's eyes widened behind his mask as Splinter moved faster than he ever had before, he moved his blade aside like he was brushing a fly away.  He then dashed at Red, at the same time knocking him up in the air.  "Last Breath!"  Red was striked repeatedly from what seemed every direction, all the while seeing those yellow eyes.  Finally he dropped to the ground, on his knees and breathing heavily.  Splinter landed in front of him and buried the sword in the stone they stood on.

"All we want is information, if you give that to us you can go on your way and this never happened.  However if you don't I will kill you, you won't be threatening me or my team again.  Not so long as you are apart of this game and have the brain to do so."

"I'll tell you want to know, ask any question you want."

Splinter looked to Poison as his armor disappeared.  "Very well then."  Said Poison.  "Lets begin."
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