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Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:38 pm

Splinter opened his eyes to the same sun he'd woke up to yesterday, while he'd been hoping it'd been a really realistic dream , but it would seem that wasn't the case.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up inside the camp he and Poison had made last night, curiously Poison seemed to be absent right now as he observed his surroundings.  However as he looked to his right he saw Poison walking towards him with two rabbits in his hand, Splinter had never thought he'd be seeing those as breakfast when he woke up in the morning up till now.

As they ate after cooking the rabbit, they started discussing how they were going to about the day and finding civilization.

"I think the main thing we should be trying to find is one of the nexus's, either the red or blue one.  I feel like if we're going to find anything out it'll be there."  Said Splinter.

"Agreed, it's the best chance for us."

"Now all that remains is figuring out how to get there."

Neither of them had the slightest clue on what would be the best way to go about getting to either of them.  It would of been one thing if they had actually been put inside Summoner's Rift when they first came into this world, but with them being set inside the forest that surrounds the edges of the map and deep enough that they couldn't find any landmarks.  They really had no clue as to where to go.

Finally it was decided to keep heading in the direction the sun would be setting, with no other real way to find out, and standing around being pointless it was best to move.

However they were still unaware as to the person that had been stalking them since last night, Lethe stayed in the trees moving silently behind them.  Always keeping them in sight as he planned out his course of action when he revealed himself to the two, while he knew he was out numbered he also knew that if he played it right his summoner spell would eat most of the damage that came from them.  He just had to make the right move.

He'd noticed that instead of walking side by side the two had set up one for watching the front while the other watched the rear, which means he'd probably not make it to them without being seen.  He finally decided that he'd distract one while moving in on the other, and hope that his burst damage was enough to remove one of them from the equation before the other noticed.

Lethe grinned, he loved this kind of excitement.  While player killing inside the Nexus's wasn't allowed.  Unless you were of the opposite Nexus.  Out here there was no laws, just survival of the fittest.  He intended to give these guys a warm welcome.

Splinter who'd been elected to guard the rear kept a watch for them from behind, while he hadn't been able to confirm it.  He felt fairly certain that they'd been followed up to this point, and that the opponent was above them.  He'd noticed some branches adjusting differently from just normal wind, which again surprised him as he felt like he hadn't been that good at noticing the small things in the real world.  He kept his guard up as they kept moving.

Finally his suspicions were confirmed as he saw a branch break and drop the ground, what shocked him was no one dropped with it.  "Stop." He told Poison.  "Someone is above us."  With that Poison also put his guard up, both of them drew their blades as they stood back to back.  Waiting for what would happen.

Finally a wave of blue energy came flying towards Poison from above just as another branch fell, distracting Splinter as the figure went for his target.  He came at Poison much faster than should of been possible, Poison barely managing to bring his blade up to block a kick of all things, but rather than his blade cutting through the foot it stopped there.  The figure than began to throw a series of punches, Poison blocked with every ounce of his skill, finally calling on the shadows for aid when it proved to be to much.  But the shadow just bounced off his target, his eyes widened as he jumped back as far as he could.


Splinter heard the yell and turned around just in time to see another wave of blue energy connect with Poison, Splinter swore as he knew he wouldn't be able to make it in time.  Recognizing the champion they faced, never the less he put on a burst of speed using the wind, and at the same time threw a tornado and called upon a sword that if it landed,  would land with enough force to slam the target back into the nearest tree.

Both abilities connected nearly simultaneously, the sword raising a massive dust cloud in the process.  Splinter's eye widened however when he saw his target coming through the dust cloud still at Poison, both of the abilities having seemingly no effect on him.  He connected with Poison and followed up with a kick that had enough force to send Poison into a tree right behind him, he collapsed to the ground there unconscious.  The figure moved in on his target, looking to end him there.

Splinter managed to get there just in time, throwing up a wall of wind blocking the wave of blue energy headed directly at Poison.  He then dashed to his target and used Steel Tempest mid dash, knocking up the target even as he used Last Breath.  As he came out of it had target sagged to the ground, finally taking damage after going so long with no abilities having any effect.  Splinter walked forward with one blade at the ready as he checked the targets pulse, feeling a steady beat from him, he walked him over to a tree and tied him up.  He then went to check on Poison who had groaned, waking up.  After that he walked back to the figure.  "Time to figure out what this Lee Sin had in mind, and how much he knows."

Lethe came to and noticed he was tied up, he also noticed the figure that had taken him out.  One that resembled Yasuo, but he had black armor on instead and was wielding two blades.  He could only assume that he had also summoned the blade that, had his summoner ability not been active, would of probably thrown him from there straight back to the blue nexus.  He groaned as he finally felt his headache, the Yasuo noticed, speaking.

"So I take it the ability to be immune to damage is your summoner ability, however I'm curious as to why you just attacked us rather than talk to us.  All we're trying to do is get to a place that has information."

Lethe laughed.  "So I take it you're trying to get to one of the Nexus's then eh?  You're heading in the wrong direction for starters, we're actually very close to the blue nexus.  As for why I attacked you out here, rules don't exist here.  It's just surviving.  I was assuming you'd do the same to me, which left me kind of surprised when I woke up.  But you seem new."

"We both are, although we met on basically the same terms we met you.  We both however agreed to ally with each other, at least until we'd found out what the hell this was about."

"You should just create a party, you would be better off that way and receive buffs from each other that you'd previously not have.  For instance you're flow passive would transfer to him too, and he'd be able to shield you with his W.  As for getting to the blue nexus, all you have to do is recall, I'm surprised you forgot about that ability."

"It's not-"
  Splinter checked his spells and found it there, he'd assumed they'd remove it.  "Okay, I guess I am stupid on that one.  What else has changed outside summoner abilities?  You also said "blue nexus" is there any signifigance to that?"

"Players woke up on opposite sides of the jungle, some on the left others on the right.  If you woke up on the left you were apart of the blue nexus, the right, red.  This means that you're enemies with red players.  The level cap has been increased to fifty from the eighteen it originally was in the game, as well as there being a new mastery tree dedicated to your summoner ability, it's unique to your ability but all of them have the same amount that can be put in.  Also you can't kill players in nexus's unless they're of the opposite one.  Outside it's fair game though.  Also the party system was introduced, it's for teams to group together as they move."

"How many is required for a team?  Same as originally, just the one to create?"

"Correct, however ranks have been introduced, leader, officer, and member.  You can only have four leaders, and two officers, however members are unlimited."

Splinter looked towards Poison.  "Well?  What do you think about making a team and slowly building it up?  Way I see it we have at least two, although I'd like to include this guy here too."

"It's Lethe."

Poison looked thoughtful for a minute.  "I'm down, there seems to be more to gain than lose by doing this.  What will we name it though?"

"I'll leave that up to you, you seem to be better at this leader stuff than I am.  I'm just a Assassin."

"Alright then."

Poison disappeared into his HUD as he began to make the team, meanwhile Splinter had one more question for Lethe.

"You said enemies are of the opposite nexus, so does this mean the ultimate goal of the game is conquer one or the other?"

"No one knows that yet although it would seem so, but some pve aspects do exist as well.  Animals, bosses, npcs, and so on."


Right at this time a box appeared in front of Splinter, it was a invitation to the team.  Splinter looked at the name and smirked.  "I like it."  He said as he accepted, he also noticed Lethe was on the roster.

"Welcome to Darkest Hour boys."

And with that they all hit recall, seeing what else they could discover and learn about this world...
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