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A New World

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A New World

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:37 pm

A New World

Splinter opened his eyes, and they immediately widened.

It was not that he'd noticed anything wrong with his body, he felt fine, and everything looked fine to him in terms of being injured.  It was how he looked, and the surroundings he now found himself in.  Instead of the bed he'd been accustomed to for most of his life, he now found himself lying in grass, and instead of the normal clothes he wore.  He found himself in a suit of armor, around him there was trees, bushes, roots, all the traits of a forest, and in the background he could hear birds and squirrels talking to each other.

The armor itself was light weight, he was clad in mostly black and he noticed that he wasn't fully covered in it upon further inspection.  As he checked himself out more and more, he began to notice that it was very similiar to the champion Yasuo from the game League of Legends, but when he looked to his left and right there was no sword to be seen.  Finally he reached with his left hand over his shoulder, and was greeted by the pommel of a sword meeting his grasp.  He slowly drew it and examined it, once again noticing the similiarlities to the blade Yasuo used.

He chose to take a even closer look at his surroundings, for he had already begun to suspect where he now found himself.  Though he could hardly believe it, he'd of course watched similiar things, but never had he believed that it would actually happen.  As he examined his surroundings in further detail, he finally confirmed his suspicions, he was in the forest that bordered Summoners Rift, the main map that he and countless others had played on for years.  With that realization he could no longer deny that he now found himself inside the game he'd been playing, he was now in League of Legends as if it was life, and with that he began to wonder what he had to do next.

Finally choosing to explore rather than just stand around idle waiting for something to happen, he set off through the trees heading towards the sun that was beginning to set.  With no way of telling which direction to go he had chosen one at random, while he was walking he began exploring the Heads Up Display that he could see within his field of vision, he soon learned that he was indeed playing Yasuo, with all of the abilities sitting at the bottom of his HUD.  He also saw that he had the summoner spell flash, but in place of what would normally be his offensive summoner spell was a different ability entirely.  As he looked at he noticed it was titled as a Summoner Ability, his was Unlimited Blade Works which allowed him to dual-wield as well as create any blade, any time, anywhere.

He decided to see if this was actually possible, the question was what blade he wanted to create.  He already had one, so using a two-handed weapon was out of the question.  Finally he settled on a duplicate of his original, just for now so he could see if it worked.  He soon discovered all he had to do was use his thoughts, for the moment he wanted a duplicate blade for the right hand.  He reached up and felt it to his right.  For the first time since finding himself in this new world he smiled.

It had gotten dark during this time, and just as he began to wonder what he should do for the night in terms of eating and sleeping.  He heard the crack of a twig to his back left, whirling around and looking in the direction he'd heard the sound come from, he found nothing.  His guard fully up now, he began to do a slow circle scanning the area for threats.  He found nothing, but his suspicions still were not satisified as he continued to keep a close eye on the surrounding forest.  But while he was looking for a attack coming from the ground, he should of been looking above him.

He heard the rustle of wind however, fare more acutely then he figured he should of been able too.  Never the less he turned around with a blade in hand just in time to block the attack that had come from behind, as the blades crossed and Splinter struggled to keep from being driven to his knees, he noticed the design of the blade to be none other than the blade belonging to the champion Diana.  With a burst of energy he shoved his opponent off of him and back flipped through the air to gain some distance so he could see his new enemy clearly.

While he had been correct in identifying the champion he now faced, it was decidedly not female.  Which left him to believe that it didn't matter what champion you embodied, you still were the gender you were in real life.  He also noticed the normal purplish armor that Diana wore was now black with accents of blue, also different from the vanilla version.  He drew his other blade as he sized up his enemy, this was when the other spoke.  "You look like Yasuo, but at the same time you are dual-wielding as well, a talent he was not known for." came the voice of his enemy.  All Splinter did was smirk "This is true he didn't dual-wield, and while I could tell you why it is that I am, I get the feeling there is something I don't know about you either."  All this earned him was a smirk in reply as his opponent went to a fighting stance, Splinter readied himself.

However the attack that came was not something he'd expected, although he knew he should.  Even as the ability arced to him he recognized Crescent Strike, the ability that would allow his enemy to dash to him without it going on cool down if it hit him.  Just in time he reacted, creating a wall of wind with his Wind Wall ability to block the attack.  "Impressive reaction time, but the wind cannot block everything."  He heard as his opponent came running through the wall, and Splinter bought up his blades blocking the overhead attack that came with it.  He quickly followed with two quick slashes from both blades, and then quickly used Steel Tempest to thrust the first blade at his opponent far quicker than any normal human being.  However just as his blade came in contact with a shadow that had seemed out of place but he'd paid no mind to, it was deflected.  Splinter's eyes widened as he jumped back to gain some distance.

"I see, you have the ability to manipulate the shadows to do your bidding.  I take it this is your summoner ability?"  Said Splinter.

"You are correct, I'm assuming your dual-wielding is yours as well.  Although I wonder if that is the full extent of it."

"That is for me to know and you to find out."

Splinter dashed at his opponent, once again using the wind to move far faster than should be possible.  However just as he came within seven feet of the champion he faced, he slammed his sword into the ground, knocking Splinter and the area in that seven foot radius up.  Splinter managed to right himself in mid-air, barely managing to deflect a attack from his opponent as he dashed to him to try and end it there.  He landed, and once again quickly brought up a wall of wind to block the arcing moonlight headed directly at him.  He gritted his teeth, he knew that he was so far losing this battle and he could feel fatigue setting in, he was already sweating profusely.  But so was his opponent.  It was time to think of a different strategy.

He knew that if he could get his opponents feet off the ground he could use Last Breath, he also knew that he had the ability to use a tornado to knock him up, but that this was on a longer cool down so if he missed it would be meaningless.  So he had to think of a way to keep his opponent distracted to keep him in place, he then remembered the Summoner Ability, and that he could create any blade, anywhere.  He chose to summon a replica of Garen's sword and send it racing at his opponent from the air, at the same time he sent his tornado flying at him.

The plan worked, distracted by the massive sword flying directly at him.  His opponent didn't see the tornado till it was to late, but even as he used Last Breath and dashed to his opponent striking six times in quick succession.  He saw a shield surround him, and when they had landed and he'd dashed away a short distance.  He saw all he'd managed to do was cut his opponent in several places, however there was a fairly deep one on his right arm, which was his sword arm.  The both stood there, sizing each other up.  His opponent touched his wound on his right arm briefly, before staring at Splinter.  At first Splinter noticed nothing, not until he saw the shadows snaking towards him, even as he moved to stay out of reach he noticed more diving towards him, looking as sharp as any blade.

He blocked as many as he could as he moved back as rapidly as possible, finally he was out of range of the shadows.  But he still had sustained a few cuts and his own deep cut on his left side near his ribs.  He looked at it as he put a hand to it to test it, it was far more painful than anything else he'd experienced.  But he knew if he let it get in the way he'd likely lose this fight, and he wasn't quite ready to find out what happened if he did in fact die in this world.  There was to many memories of potentially dying in real life as well to keep him in this fight and fully alert.  Besides he'd had another thought.

"What's your name?  You obviously embody Diana, but you can't just be her." Splinter asked.

"My name is Poison, Diana prior to all of this happening had been the champion I'd choose to be had it happened."

"Instead of fighting to the death here, Poison.  Why don't we ally for awhile?  See what we can learn of this world we now find ourselves in.  I doubt you and I are the only ones here, there must be more.  Plus I'd like to learn why we even ended up here in the first place."

"Seems reasonable enough, however who are you?"

"My name is Splinter, Yasuo is my favorite champion in this game."

With that the hostilities ended between the two, they decided to make a camp.  For Poison had discovered that in addition to the Summoner Abilities being added, you could create a tent and make a camp fire with them.  After a brief journey into the forest to hunt for food, they also found they knew how to cook all of this as well.  The food tasted real, and soon both were full and close to nodding off.  Splinter was staring up at the sky when he spoke.

"I'd like to know why all of this happened, we know how to fight, not just using our champions abilities but that of swords as well.  We know how to cook things over a camp fire, something that we didn't ever need to know in the previous world, so how can we know now?   How did we learn?"

"Who knows, all I know is is that sleep sounds pretty good after today."

"Haha, yeah.  I agree.  We still have the problem of finding some sort of civilization tomorrow."

With that he closed his eyes and nodded off just as Poison did, however neither he nor Poison had noticed that they had been being watched this entire time.

A male figure in a Dragon Fist outfit sat in a tree not too far from the location of the two, watching them as they both fell asleep.  Lethe kept a close eye on both of them, he had watched their duel with great interest.  And after hearing the plans the two had for tomorrow, was already planning a meeting between him and them...
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