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Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:34 pm

Who is who, what their summoner ability is, etc.


Player: Splinter
Avatar: Yasuo
Role: Assassin
Summoner Ability: Unlimited Blade Works
"The ability to create any blade, anywhere, any time."

Player: Poison
Avatar: Diana
Role: Fighter/Assassin
Summoner Ability: Shadow Manipulation
"The ability to make shadows do his/her bidding as weapons or otherwise."

Player: Lethe
Avatar: Lee Sin
Role: Fighter
Summoner Ability: Indomitable Spirit
"The ability to become immune to damage while increasing his/her own, lasts for 6 seconds, and cannot break through other abilities that have invulnerable listed."

Player: Walrus
Avatar: Braum
Role: Tank
Summoner Ability: Unbreakable Shield
"Throws a shield on a ally, making them invulnerable, eating all damage and abilities for 5 seconds before disappearing."

Player: Stern
Avatar: Elise
Role: Fighter
Summoner Ability: Thousand Webs
"Binds the target with webs while dealing damage with others, lasts for 5 seconds."

Player: DrkDragon
Avatar: Fiora
Role: Fighter
Summoner Ability: Sharingan
"The ability to predict enemy movements as the fight goes on, and replicate any move he/she sees."

Player: Wicked
Avatar: LeBlanc
Role: Mage/Assassin
Summoner Ability: Adaptability
"The ability to disguise oneself as a exact replica of anyone he/she sees, and duplicate their abilities.  Lasts 15 seconds."

Player: AlphaRed
Avatar: Lucian
Role: AD Carry
Summoner Ability: TBA

Player: Ghost
Avatar: Ezreal
Role: Mage/AD Carry
Summoner Ability: TBA
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