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The Idea

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The Idea

Post by {STR}pride on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:32 pm

The idea behind this.

For those of you who watch anime you've heard and/or watched ones such as Sword Art Online, or Log Horizon.  Both are about characters who become stuck inside a game as if it's real life, and while Sword Art Online is a far deadlier scenario than Log Horizon, and Log Horizon is more of a traditional mmo.  I wanted to go about writing something similiar about the players of League of Legends, however it's not just the players stuck in the game.  There is more to it than that.

Each player is playing as the champion of his or her choice, if one is taken that's fine, there is no limit to the amount of said champion being played.  For example the champion I chose to be is Yasuo, now this doesn't mean you're limited to just using the champions abilities.  This will play out as a normal duel between melee users and with spell vs melee I'll just have to be creative.  The abilities however are there and will still be used.  Poison has already chosen Diana so he'll be in the first chapter or episode I attempt to write.

Also every person will have something called a "summoner ability" as part of being pushed into the actual game, this is a extra ability permanently added that you can use.  For me it's something known as the unlimited blade works, I have the ability to create any blade, anywhere, any time.  Also I duel-weild, while this isn't totally Yasuo lore-friendly it still suits his character.  Poison's is the ability to manipulate shadows to do his bidding, like Pride in full metal alchemist.  Obviously I would prefer these to remain friendly to the champion, and not something completely out of place.

Obviously food and sleep will be a common need, as well as sleep, and drink.  This will be put into place during the chapters as well, with fatigue and the stamina of a player being part of the outcome of duels or large scale fights.

All the maps are connected, as you know there is a massive forest bordering Summoner's Rift, this forest links to the Dominion map, Twisted Treeline, and eventually the Howling Abyss as you come to the mountains and colder regions.  The story starts inside this forest right outside the Rift.

"Parties" also come into play, these are groups of players that have joined together to help each others chances in the place they now find themselves in, at first this is just a one versus one thing, but it will spread to more as more characters are added and the story progresses.

If you are wondering, no this isn't a death game.  People can respawn, this doesn't mean player-killing is allowed or looked upon with respect.

Obviously this will include most of DH, but I will need yall's help too.  I need to know what champion you want to be, and what ability you want, the colors and how this champion looks is entirely up to you as well, the Yasuo I play has black armor instead of blue, and his swords are mounted behind his back, instead of on his hips.  Poison's Diana is black/blue.  Also the champion has your head, face, etc. It's your avatar, not actually the champion.

Also, no playing as chicks, if you're a guy wanting to embody a girl champion, the champions becomes a dude.

Message me on skype with the champion and your preferred ability, look, etc.  Or in-game, I'd love to have you all in this.
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